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What are Questionnaire Templates? A basic FHIR concept [] is the use of so called Careplan templates that we will provide on forehand. These Templates are developed on our side (by our developers). Questionnaire task Please note that each questionnaire should start with a

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What we provide you is both the Questionnaire and scoring API as well as the GUI components that go with it. On the GUI side this could look like this: But also, you could add graphical components to your form like we did for Positive Health:

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MedMij service

This "Interceptor Service" has been setup according to MedMij regulations, please check the following links: * For the MedMij Policies [] * The MedMij privacy and information security policy [https://www.

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Our API's

MedSafe has been developed on top of the MEDrecord [] platform as a whitelabel solution. Each of our customers and projects have the same API structure and can all use the same Swagger documenation. The only thing you as a developer have to do is check for the

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Device service

For the management of external devices and wearables we have created the Device service. In here we collect all data from any service (partners own, Google Fit, manually, etc) in order to provide them with thresholds to the user.

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