MedMij testen

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In October 2022 we will perform a VIPPtathon together with Dutch Hospitals for two MedMij services (gegevensdiensten) in version 1.5.1 of the MedMij stelsel:
1. BGZ 2020
2. PDF 2020

For the normal testing of MedSafe you can go to the home page of this website and start using the app- or web- version.

MedMij Sandbox connection

Our TEST environment is connected to the MedMij Sandbox already.
- TEST environment:
- Test username:
- Test Password: ++112!!!Kozich

Healthcare providers to use

Right now we are still waiting for the right list of healthcare providers that could be used for testing. Also for each of them we (or you) need DigID login.

Hoe werkt de MedSafe test account.