Our API's

MedSafe has been developed on top of the MEDrecord platform as a whitelabel solution. Each of our customers and projects have the same API structure and can all use the same Swagger documenation. The only thing you as a developer have to do is check for the right backend and use the right client ID that comes with it.

The MEDrecord platform is completely based on a microservice architecture, we offer them as separate services. For clinical or healthcare related data we are offering two microservices that query exactly the same backend, so the result will be the same:

  1. Data exchange service: simplified clinical REST based API
  2. Interceptor service: FHIR API, these are the more complex FHIR queries that you can certainly use.

Quick start REST API's

In the architecture picture this is the "Data Exchange Service".

Please check this video before starting, it's a quick guidance to what we offer in our microservices. Also provides you the first overview how to get you going quickly.

Where to find the API's?

Most of the information can be found inside the Admin panel. Please check for the right link to your admin panel as every customer and project has it's own (it's a white label solution).

In order to become administrator and access our API descriptions please:

  1. Create an account on the patient portal; either Medsafe or your own
  2. Sent email to info@medrecord.io that you did and you have access
  3. We will make you admin (manually)
  4. Only after that you are able to login at the admin panel.

Admin view

Only with the admin view you will have the admin panel inside your navigation: